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Gusto Wine Tours 2018

We are a small husband and wife company whose primary concern is providing entertaining day tours around the vineyards of Umbria, south of Perugia in Italy.

Who we are:

Data and what we need it for:

Data and what we do with it:

  1. We do not hold nor even see any bank details of customers as we exclusively use PayPal to collect payments online
  2. All photographs are taken with the express knowledge of the customers and are stored securely on a password protected external storage device
  3. Our passwords are strong and stored only on a secure password manager available only to the Data Controller and Company Manager
  4. Computer screens are not left unattended showing personal data nor on show for accidental viewing by unauthorised personnel and visitors. All computer devices are switched off when not n use
  5. All paper records (Receipts and mail confirmations) are stored in a locked filing cabinet and only accessed when necessary
  6. Financial data will be stored for the minimum period required by law. All other personal data both electronic and paper, unless requested otherwise, will be destroyed by removal or shredding as soon as the customer contact episode is completed
  7. Our system is protected by industry standard virus and malware software and the network is encrypted and firewalled
  8. Data backup to a separate and discreet device is performed regularly and entirely in accordance with the importance and frequency of our data processing

Your rights as laid out in the GDPR, May 25th, 2018:

How to redress any issues:

In the first instance – please contact us outlining where you feel we have let you down. All our contact details are to be found on
If we cannot help you, please contact the Italian Data Protection Authority (Garante per la protezione dei dati personali) –

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