FAQs – (Frequently Asked Questions)

Tour FAQs:

What kind of people go on a Gusto Wine Tour?

You will encounter easy-going, social people who are interested in wine, even if they don’t know much about it.

They will become extra-friendly once they’ve started tasting.  Yes, that’s you we’re talking about!

Does it matter if I don’t know anything about wine?

As long as you can reasonably negotiate the glass to mouth manoeuvre,  you will be absolutely fine!

How do I get to you? 

We operate out of central Umbria – Near Montefalco.  Contact us for details.

May I bring my dog?

We are happy to accommodate service animals, but since some of our guests are allergic to animals, plus most cantinas have their own dogs, we find it best to restrict animals on the tour.  Also, on a similar note, please tell us if you have any fears of animals – some of the farms and wineries that we visit are family homes with family pets – if you are afraid of dogs, please let us know.

What about the kids?

Well, by our very name, this is really a day designed for adults.  To be honest, children get pretty bored as the day doesn’t cater for them specifically and we all know how most kids love to be the centre of attention and will do their utmost to ensure this happens!  With this in mind you must be 16 years old or older to come on a wine tour.

Shipping FAQs:  How will I get my wine home?

You may ship wine from many of the cantine – most of the cantine we visit are able to ship worldwide.  We can ship for you if you have bought one or two bottles from several cantine and have enough to make up a shipping box of 6 or 12 bottles (or more!).  Click HERE to contact us about wine shipping.

How many guests are normally on your tours?

It varies: We have a minimum of two guests.  Our tours are usually small groups, between 4 to 8 guests.  We find that people prefer the more intimate feel of a smaller group.
Please still ask us for availability if you are a solo traveller, you might be able to join an existing tour.  If you have a bigger group, contact us for a quote.

Is it appropriate to tip?

If you are pleased with the service and entertainment put forth by Mark, you are most welcome to offer him a gratuity. Your thoughtfulness will always be greatly appreciated.

Are the tours really as fun as they sound?

Yes! If we enjoy ourselves, you’ll enjoy it too!  We really love what we do!

Is the Umbrian lunch with wine and the bottles of cold water included in our tour price?


Are there any taxes or fuel fees?

No! And No!

(Unless you are outside of our pick-up area and we arrange to collect you, then there will be an extra fuel charge!)

 What about the wine tasting fees?

No, the tasting fees are included in the tour price.  

So …. just what is included?

A personalised itinerary, depending on your preferences, crafted by us.

A wonderful lunch in an Agriturismo or Country House, or even at one of the cantine, served with local wine.

Ample chilled, bottled water served on board the vehicle and at lunch.

Photo opportunities in the gorgeous Umbrian hills.

Lively commentary, colourful history and pertinent information from Mark!

Schedule FAQs:


Monday to Saturday.  All year round.


9.00am pick-up to about 5.00pm drop-off (For the Original Tour).

Pick-up FAQs: Meeting points:

Your Umbrian accommodation or nearest point.

We do not pick up from areas in or around Orvieto, Gubbio, north of Perugia or south of Spoleto. If in any doubt, it’s always best to ask us!

However, we can usually arrange a suitable meeting spot!

Just ask  us for details.

Where we go:

Three family-run wineries plus a lunch venue during the day .  We organise the day based on where you are staying.

Check out what our previous guests have been saying about us on Trip Advisor.

The boring bits:  T & Cs:

If we ever have to cancel, we will repay you any deposit paid, less any fees.
If you cancel and have paid more than the non-refundable deposit, we will partially refund depending on how much in advance the cancellation is.  Anything less than a week before the tour and there will be no refund.  If you cancel or are a ‘no-show’ within 24 hours or on the day and have only paid the deposit, we will send a payment request for the remainder.

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