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We are Mark and Giselle and we’ve been living in Italy for several years now. In that time we have acquired a deep passion for the Italian wines with their regional differences along with their never-ending variety and flavours.  Coming from England where the majority of wines are imported from France, we were absolutely bowled over by the Italian wines! We fell in love with their approachability, diversity, quality and value. Our reviews reflect our passion for this beautiful wine region!


We’ve had many friends and family come and visit us over the years and every time they visited we took them for tastings at the local cantine.
They all said that we should do this for a living, so finally we did … In 2010 Gusto Wine Tours was born!

Our Reviews

Here’s what our guests have been saying about us…..

To see all the Trip Advisor reviews, click here!  We are proud to say that there are over 300 now – take a look!  Then contact us here to book your own memorable tour with Gusto Wine Tours!

 Great reviews for Gusto Wine Tours

“Fun, Informative, and Delightful Day Out”

With Giselle pulling the strings and the logistics; and with Mark, our guide, pulling out all the stops to give you an authentic and informative tour of the country side, by the end of the day we were left with his infectious love of the local wine.

- Kwame

Great Day!!

This was a great tour and a great day! Working with Giselle to book the tour was a pleasure. Mark was an excellent tour guide; he was very knowledgeable and engaging. Together they ensured that every little detail of our day was perfect.

- Ryan

Amazing Day!

We had such a great time! Mark took the time to really share with us his passion for the region and the wine. Giselle was also great to work with in setting up our tour. This will be a day that all of us remember about our trip!

- Amanda

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