VINITALY 2013 April 7 – 10 – ‘Verona Fiere Fairground’



THE most important international wine event of the year here in Italy.

Thousands of wine producers together under one roof to show off their range of wines, make contacts, talk amongst each other, compare technologies …. There will be a mass exodus towards Verona next weekend, the various vehicles packed to the rafters with wine, publicity, business cards and hope.

The expo will be open to the public, but before that is the business end where the buyers and agents will be exclusively visiting the stands and talking to the wine-makers and making deals along the way.

Here’s what to expect …. Taken from

Vinitaly ranks as one of the most eagerly anticipated wine and spirits sector trade events in Italy.

The show brings together noted business experts in large numbers on a regular basis and the latest market happenings and updates are closely looked into here.

Over 156033 visitors participate in the event, with attendees coming in from more than 110 different countries.

Interactive business meetings and informative conference sessions are organised during the event, while participants also have the option of learning more about new and profitable business opportunities and strategies here.

More than 4164 exhibiting companies take part at the show, displaying a wide range of wines and spirits, including Abruzzo Bianco, Barolo, Botticino and Canavese Nebbiolo. Topical workshops are scheduled during the show as well and the wine tasting sessions that are held here enhance the overall attractions of the show further.

A total area of 95000 square meters is covered by this highly popular trade event.

Vinitaly brings in more than 156033 visiting participants, from more than 110 countries. Some of the prime visitors to the show are wine producers, brewing experts, vineyard owners and cultivators, wine tasters and flavoring experts.

Qualified trade buyers, business operators, wine dealers and distributors, quality checkers, wine cellar owners and market analysts are also present here.

Over 2625 media journalists participate in the event as well, along with other prominent decision makers and industry personnel from this sector.

As you can see, it’s a must-do for anyone in the wine industry & for anyone who loves wine on a personal basis!

Check out the website

You can book tickets online from the above link.


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