Venice here we come! Gusto Wine Tours On Holiday!

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Venice is always a great city for a celebration!


Although we have missed the Carnevale, we can’t wait to get to Venice next week and try some of the local wines of that region!



While we have never been big fans of fizz, we are keen to have a sip or three of the Prosecco!

We are booked aboard a galleon ship and seafood will be high on the agenda with a magnificent fish laden dinner . We will be cruising around the lagoons of Venice while we eat.

Mark and I will be meeting virtual friends, who, we hope will become real friends after we meet. This is the life force of social media! Our lives have been enriched by the many, many friends we have met via this medium … Some we have yet to meet face to face, but when we do, you can be sure a glass or three of wine will be drunk!

Mark and I are planning on visiting the Peggy Guggenheim museum – filled with the most wonderful modern art!  We hope to meet up with fabulous iPhone photographer and poet Jay Desind – another virtual friend!  Jay Desind

I have found a great little apartment to rent in the Dorsoduro district where the corner of the building is on 2 little canals.  As the trip is for my Mum’s 70th birthday, she gets the special twin aspect bedroom!  I hope it is as lovely as it looks in the photos!

We are especially looking forward to meeting, at last, Monica Cesarato! Going out with her on one of her amazing walking tours of Venice will be a highlight! This one is called the “Cicchetti tour”.   Afterwards, we hope that a few other virtual,  yet soon-to-become-real,  friends will join us for a glass of wine and a good old-fashioned chinwag!

Monica Cesarato – Cichetti Tour

What are YOUR top tips for visiting Venice for a few days?  We only have 3 full days there and it looks like the days are pretty full …

Post visit:

A fabulous few days were had by all – the weather was wonderfully kind and we wandered all over Venice!  We did indeed meet up with Monica and Jay and had a great time!  We also took the ferry and visited Burano, Murano and Torcello.  The Galleon seafood dinner while cruising around the lagoons was truly top-notch and superb!  Mum’s birthday was celebrated in grand and memorable style.  The apartment was great and in a wonderful area of Venice.  Can’t wait to go back again and again!



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  1. ENJOY!!!! Well the Cicchetti tour IS a must. At least you won’t be doing it in the snow like we did lol! Giselle – you and Monica will get on like a casa on fire! Top tips? Wander – and see what you find 🙂 Looking forward to the pics

  2. Arghhhhhhh: Lambrusco is not from Veneto!!! 🙂 It is from Emilia Romagna!!! Ok, a serious drinking binge is now been planned to get you to try real Veneto wine 🙂 – be prepared not just a drink or two, but plenty more ….. looking forward to finally meet!!!

    1. Ah! Of course Lambrusco is from Emilia Romagna! We had friends from Modena bring some to us and it surprised us as we liked it! Doesn’t taste anything like the Lambrusco we were subjected to in the UK!
      However, Lambrusco is nearer to Veneto than Umbria! That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it! (And we are really looking forward to meeting you too! If you can find more non-fizzy wine than fizzy – we’ll all be happy bunnies!! 🙂 )

  3. Ahh, you must be lovers of still me. I must agree that the cicchetti crawl is a must do. The farther you get on the backroads, canals, the better ~ Lots of standing up and drinking/eating. Also, don’t be afraid to get delightfully lost. You will get yourself found again and the experiences you will have are so worth it!

  4. I look forward to hearing all about your trip as I’ll be there in May and would live some tips & suggestions on what to do and who to see!!! Would welcome any recommendations and in the meantime have a wonderful time!! Lizzie

      1. It looks like I might be in Venice for 2-3 months now so all ideas and suggestions would be fantastic!! 3 weeks in and I don’t want to leave La Serenissima!! ;o)

  5. Wow, you lucky lady! One of our favourite few hours was a trip to Torcello, you have to find the right ferry to get you there (and back!) but if you stroll along to the Fondamenta Nuove you should be able to work it all out! The ferry is on the far left of the piers as far as I remember! Amazing mosaics in the church there and several nice places to sit and relax!

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