The Idea – Gusto revisited!

I’d like to repost this, my first ever attempt at blogging,  as we celebrate our first ever tour a year ago today!   What a FANTASTIC year it’s been!

A few years ago we started doing wine tours for our friends and family whenever they came to visit us in our chosen home of Umbria. They all enjoyed the experience and it was a chance for us to show off this relatively unknown area of Italy. We know that people are starting to be aware of it, but it still seems to be talked about as Tuscany’s poor relation! Everyone knows the Tuscan wines – who hasn’t gone to Tesco’s for a bottle of Chianti? Personally I’m more often than not disappointed in the Chianti’s I have tried. However, the marketing is strong and it’s difficult to persuade some people that there may be a contender out there, and when it happens to be Tuscany’s neighbour, well…..

The first time that I tried a Montefalco Rosso was a total revelation! I was so impressed by the deep chewy nature of the wine that I soon progressed to trying the Montefalco Sagrantino – 100% Sagrantino grapes, only grown in this part of Umbria. They have the highest levels of polyphenols and tannins of any other grape, and these are the building blocks of a full bodied and complex wine that will age very well indeed. The wine is aged in wood barrels and stainless steel for a minimum of 30 months to soften those massive tannins. The result is superb!

We wanted to do something in this business!

Gusto Wine Tours was born!

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  1. how funny, this is a bit like my story. Every time I cooked for friends when I was leaving abroad they asked me if I would show them how to prepare the dishes I served. We are such lucky people, we transformed our hobby in a job, it’s not easy but it’s wonderful!

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