****STOP PRESS****Wine Tourism and the Future of the Montefalco Wine Industry

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Thursday 28th March 2013

Wine Tourism and the Future of the Montefalco Wine Industry

Umbrian vines
Umbrian vines

(Translated from the Strada del Sagrantino events page.)  

The American wine tourism is one of the segments of the wine industry in Europe with the most rapid growth. But what are the needs of the tourists who come to visit the territory of Sagrantino?

This presentation will explore the expectations of the  eno-American tourist in Umbria and we will discuss the opportunities and difficulties that the European wineries can encounter when they want to attract the overseas Dollar.

The event will be held at Il Teatro San Filippo Neri in the main piazza of  Montefalco, Thursday, March 28, 2013 at 15:30.

The conference is organized by the Strada del Sagrantino .

For more information and to book your place:
Strada del Sagrantino
Tel. 0742 378490

(This is me …!)

It looks like the talk will be held in English with headphones for Italians wanting instant translation.

The talk will be by Stephen Fallows and Norman Oches and they will be discussing the very important topic of wine tourism in Umbria – Montefalco in particular.

For those who read Italian, here is the link to the outline of what will be discussed.


The event is free to attend, but you will need to book your place by Wednesday 27th March (tomorrow!).

info@stradadelsagrantino.it  or tel. 0742 378490

They LOVED the wines!
They LOVED the wines!

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  1. It was an interesting presentation. It was a shame there weren’t more people there, but I hope that the ones that were there will spread the word to the ones who weren’t.
    Basically, if they want the wine tourists to associate Sagrantino with Montefalco, they have to act on it NOW. There’s no way to protect a grape variety. Other countries are already growing Sagrantino and will know how to market it – and themselves. If the wineries don’t work together to create a united front and MARKET a terrific product, they stand to lose out all round. It makes for meaningful discussion – lets hope that conversation will take place sooner rather than later.

  2. Montefalco is a perfect Umbrian hill town and the Sagrantino wines are quite stunning. a recent visit to the Arnaldo Caprai winery was a great learning experience. I wish you great success with promoting it.

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