News just in … Red wine starts off GREEN!

You can tell when spring has finally sprung when you take a look at the new growth on the freshly pruned vines in the countryside around Montefalco.

New growth - Sagrantino vines

The green is all around you, in the new cereals growing in the fields, the new growth on the trees – that lovely unmistakeable spring green!

Spring from the terrace

By this time of year the wine makers have pruned their vines carefully to allow maximum exposure for their chosen selection of grapes.  With the Montefalco Rosso and Montefalco Sagrantino there are many rules to adhere to and the growers can only harvest a certain weight of those grapes per year and all is carefully monitored.

We took a look at the house we’ll soon be moving to , and we’re lucky enough to have a Grechetto vineyard right behind the house with some very promising looking buds coming on!

Vineyard with Montefalco on the hill beyond
New buds - Grechetto variety
New growth vines. Umbrian hills in the background

We are so lucky to have this literally in our back garden!  Beyond the vines you can see the beautiful hill-top town of Montefalco.

Tabarrini vines and roses

When you look at the vineyards you’ll see a lot of them have either roses or chrysanthemums at the head of each row of  vines.  This is an organic early warning system!  Any bugs or other nasties  gravitate towards these flowers first, so the growers just need to check the plants at the end of the vine rows and if they have some infestation, then it’s time to be pro-active and they have time to deal with the problem!  How cool is that?!

It’s also lovely to see that the fruit trees are starting to show their promise!

Baby Victoria plums
Baby Peaches

We do have a lovely view at the moment, fields, vines, sheep……

Our landlord's sangiovese grape vines
Our current view!

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