Our Transplanted Life in Montefalco, Umbria – Gusto style …

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Life is funny sometimes – the longer you stay in one place, the more you can take it for granted.

Then something happens or you see something that brings you right back to why you chose to be in that particular place way back when!

Stella checking to see if the grapes are ready for the vendemmia…

Home Life

Simple pleasures, walking right near our house with the dogs.  Seeing their joy in running free and discovering new smells and trails, chasing each other, playing … I haven’t captured it on camera yet, but DJ’s greatest pleasure is running and jumping after any flying insect – from a scared little pup, recently thrown out of a moving car, unwanted and dumped, to a joyous happy boy, full of energy and love!

DJ & Stella racing each other …

Grape Harvest

The grape vendemmia is almost over for another year – it’s been a difficult one for most wine-makers in Umbria as the grapes need to be dry before they’re picked – after a lovely hot, dry summer and just as the grapes were to be picked, along comes bad weather!  Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for these guys that there will be time to pick the grapes in-between the thunderstorms.

Stormlight at Casa di Stafford

Walking through the vines and seeing the grapes reaching their maturity day by day is a small but gratifying pleasure!

They’re ready …. the race is on!

Festa Life

Joining in the bacchanal Festa, Enologica Montefalchese in our local town of Montefalco on a beautiful sunny Sunday in September was a real joy …

At the harvest festival in Montefalco…

So, wherever you might live, take a moment to REALLY look around you and reignite your love for your home.  It feels good!

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