Gusto’s journey, continued…

….. It was a simple idea, take small groups of folk around the cantine (vineyards) of this area and introduce them to the delights of Umbria – the fabulous award winning wines, the authentic rustic cuisine, the delightful people and the incredible countryside.

We’d been on a wine tour in the summer in Napa Valley, California and although it was good, we knew we could improve on the experience! Firstly we decided that everything would be included in the price of the day. The only exception to that would be anything that folks bought during the day! We wanted to look after people for the day 110%, we wanted them to come away from the day with fabulous memories and want to come back for more! We wanted to make it such a great day out that the people who came on our tours wouldn’t be able to help recommending us!

Although we’re both experienced in the hospitality trade, setting up a new business, even one as simple as this, in a foreign country has been interesting, to say the least!

Anyway, that aside, we did it! The fun part was, and still is (we’re not going to stop looking) sourcing the cantine and different places to eat lunch! We are concentrating on the smaller cantine, and out of the way quality places to eat, but as the tours are customer led, we will listen if the consensus is to visit the more well-known places. It’s your day! was created to stimulate the senses to make you yearn for a day out with Gusto!

More later…….

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