Gusto Wine Tours – Grand Prize Draw! *** WONDERFUL UPDATE****

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13th March 2015   We are DELIGHTED to say that we have now sold 101 tickets!! This means that the Grand Prize Draw will take place after midday (Italy time!) on Friday 3rd April!  Now we want to reach 200 tickets!  Only €5 per ticket!  A bargain … and to sweeten the deal, we have a THIRD prize on the table now!!  We have such fantastic and generous friends!  

THIRD prize offered by Monteolivo-Umbria run by the charismatic Yo & Jan…    You could win 6 bottles of fantastic award winning  Omero Moretti Grechetto organic wine – and have it shipped to your house!  



9TH MARCH 2015  (Don’t forget we need a MINIMUM of 100 tickets sold before we can do the Grand Prize Draw. We are very happy to sell more than 100 ;-D ).  87 tickets sold so far!  Fantastic!  Just get in touch and have a go!  Win or lose, you are helping a wonderful cause!


We have a fabulous announcement to make!

We have a SECOND prize from our gorgeous talented friend Nikki Donovan aka The Artful Chocolatier ….

A beautiful assortment of handmade, bespoke chocolates with the PAWS TO HELP logo on them.

Check out her Facebook page here: The Artful Chocolatier
(And give it a ‘LIKE’ while you’re there! )
Take a look at her brand-y new website too –

PAWS TO HELP page: Paws To Help
Check out the page, and it would be great if you followed along the adventure by liking the page too!!

So, come on everyone – let’s see how many numbers we can reach before Friday 3rd April at noon! Only €5 a go! Just contact me and I will allocate you a number! Keep an eye on how things are going on our Facebook page Gusto – Umbrian Wine Tours!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this prize, @theartfulchocolatier – I know that whoever wins it will LOVE it!!

Now … Read on for how to get your tickets!!  …….

Raising money and awareness for “Paws To Help”.

Giselle & Mark

To continue celebrating our 5th year doing what we love, we at Gusto Wine Tours have hatched a plan to raise money for our very good friend’s cause and YOU get the chance to win a fantastic prize!!

The Grand Prize is a fabulous Gusto Wine Tour for TWO people.  The prize will be valid until the end of 2015. 

The cause is to raise money for the various furry/feathered friends that Lisa May (AKA Santa Francesca) & her other half Gio (Dr Doolittle – He talks to the animals!) have rescued/found or they have found them!  Lisa has just started a Facebook community page called Paws To Help to show what they have done over the years and continue to do!  You can go to Paws To Help and donate a little via Paypal – every cent goes towards paying for the care of the animals – food, vet bills, shelter etc…. It’s a big commitment every day and even €5 makes such a difference!

So, here’s what we propose ….

Each raffle ticket is €5 (Five Euros) and you can buy as many as you like!  Each €5 will be randomly assigned a number & (not randomly) your name. 

There will be a list which I will update every time a ticket is sold.  It will be on Gusto – Umbrian Wine Tours Facebook page.  You will need to let me know you have paid and what name you would like next to the number (s).  If you are on Facebook, please do this on the Gusto – Umbrian Wine Tours page to keep it all in one place!

We need at least 100 tickets sold by midday April 3rd 2015 .  If that total isn’t reached – the money raised by that stage will go to Paws To Help without the prize draw.  Once 100 or more numbers are sold, I will use a random number generator to pick a number out the hat!  The winner will be notified on the Gusto – Umbrian Wine Tours Facebook page! Then the money will be presented to Lisa & Gio for Paws To Help.

The winner gets a day’s Gusto Wine Tour for TWO wine lovers,  here in the gorgeous region of Umbria tasting the wonderful Montefalco wines!  All you need to do is get yourselves to Umbria – unless you are already here of course!  The winner can contact me, Giselle, for all the arrangements! 

On your day with us – you will visit two small, family-run wineries before lunch.  Then you will enjoy a full, memorable Umbrian lunch with wine (of course!) at a lovely agriturismo followed by a further visit to another out-the-way winery in the afternoon before being taken back to your pick-up point in the late afternoon.  During the day you will tour at least one of the wineries including the barrel rooms, the cantina etc.  Check us out on

To buy your ticket(s) for this amazing prize, all you need to do is send your €5 (or multiples of!) via Paypal making sure to use the Friends & Family option to reduce the PP fees.  The email linked to the PayPal account is

The more numbers we sell, the more money we can raise for Paws To Help

As they say – You have to be in it to win it!!  Go on, have a flutter, it may well be YOU!! 

(Oh, and you can pass your prize onto another couple if you can’t make it – so it also makes a FANTASTIC gift!!)

Our boy – DJ

Without Lisa intervening and fostering this little guy in the photo above, we would never have met out gorgeous boy DJ!!  A perfect ‘brother’ to our other beautiful rescued dog, Stella!


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