Gusto Wine Tours and Cantina Fongoli Twitter-Chat!

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On Twitter tonight:  We are guests of Tina Moray of Protocol Wine Studio (@ProtocolWine & @winescop) (use #winestudio to join in the Q & As).
Along with Angelo Fongoli, award-winning wine-maker of Cantina Fongoli (@CFongoli).
And Amy Ezrin, Senior VP of Massanois Imports (@massanois) who imports Fongoli wines in the States.

Of course, we, Mark and Giselle from Gusto Wine Tours (@gustowinetours).  We will be talking about our beloved Umbria and how we started our business here in Montefalco!  We will be tasting the Fongoli Sagrantino 2010 and pairing with aged parmesan and hand cut prosciutto with the wine-maker himself!
Be ready to discuss all things #Sagrantino!  Angelo will be with us and on hand to answer your Umbrian wine questions!

Cantina Fongoli is a beautiful winery in the heart of the Montefalco area of Umbria.  Organic, going on Biodynamic with Angelo’s award winning wines.  The Fongoli family bought the winery and vines in 1925 and it has remained a local favourite family-run cantina ever since!

We will tell you more between 9 and 10pm tonight – Italian time! This is one of the first live chats about the Umbrian wines and as Sagrantino and Umbria are still on the edge of the known wine map, this will be an exciting and informative hour!

Come and find out about Sagrantino, what’s it like, its history, its character and the wine!  We love it, join in and find out why!

There will be over 30 tasters across the States opening a bottle of Cantina Fongoli Sagrantino 2010 and talking about what they think.

Amy will be talking about the business of importing Italian wines to the States.

It’s all happening tonight!  We’d be delighted if you joined us for our debut!

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Cantina Fongoli –

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Some of the wines of Cantina Fongoli
Wine Maker, Angelo Fongoli from Cantina Fongoli


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  1. That was so much fun! Thanks to everyone who participated and made all of us CRAVE a wine trip to Umbria! Thank you!

    1. It was exhilarating – we are just finishing the SECOND bottle of Sagrantino before heading for a much needed sleep! Cheers until the next time …. In person, eh, Jill?!

  2. Rats, missed it by just a few hours! I just tripped over this now, five hours too late. I’d love to listen in to the next one. I’ve liked you on FB now so I won’t miss out again. I am busy telling everyone I can about Gusto Wine Tours and how much fun we had.

    1. Hi Nancy! Thanks for spreading the word! Follow us on Twitter too, I think we will be doing this again! See you in Umbria the next time you’re here!

  3. we just had to tell everyone what a super time our merry band had with mark on his tour we would highly recommend this for a great day trip

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