Forward thinking by Samuele of L’Antico Forziere, Umbria




A few months ago I got an email from Samuele of L’Antico Forziere near Deruta, Umbria completely out of the blue, I might add!

He had been to the Umbrian tourist board to pick up some maps of Umbria as he gives them out to his hotel guests.  The tourist board informed him that they were no longer going to print or supply these maps.

So, Samuele thought, Ok – I’ll design my own!

He contacted me and asked if we would be interested in advertising Gusto Wine Tours on his map.  He had thought carefully about who he wanted to approach for the advertising and what he wanted was a selection of Umbrian products and services.  As you will see, he did very well.

We sent him a design for the advert, thinking that it would be the normal ‘box form’ around the edge of the map.

A couple of weeks ago we had a call to say the maps had been printed and would we like to come over to L’Antico Forziere and pick some up….

We have been a bit busy, so we didn’t get there until today …. BUT last Sunday, our friend Claudia Acquah of Umbria in Vespa fame  came to our house for lunch and was very excited to tell us that we were next to each other on the advertising!


Once we had the map in our hands and saw the thought and work that Samuele had put in, we were more than impressed!  It was enormously encouraging that he was so pro-active about the matter.  The tourist board won’t do it any more?  Right then, says Samuele, I’LL do it!


Thank you Samuele, we are very very happy with the maps and will be giving them out to our own guests this year.


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  1. Wow that is great!!! I am often thinking we ‘operatori turistici’ should come up with ways to promote Umbria better, working together. Very good to know others are actually taking initiatives!

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