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Edit on an already updated version! It’s now August 2021 and honestly, things are not back to normal, but we are heading towards the new normal! Since I last wrote, we are no longer with EzTix which linked to the e-gift certificates. To the wonderful people who did purchase the gift certificates – rest assured, they are still valid!
I’m writing this to say that we can still organise gift certificates for you, all you need to do is contact us directly and we will send you a personalised e-gift certificate.
As we are now well into the second year with basically no work, your purchases will be a fantastic help! Enquiries are just starting to trickle in, which is an incredible relief and we look forward to the trickle becoming the usual flood! Make me busy again – go on – I can take it!

I realise that I have already published a blog post on this, but call it an updated version! 

As we all know, the whole of Italy is now in strict quarantine and will be until at least sometime in April.

Things will take a while to get back to normal once the restrictions start to be lifted and we know that travellers will be uneasy about travelling to Italy for a little while after those restrictions have been lifted! 

We are all in the same boat.

Some don’t realise, but Mark and I ARE Gusto Wine Tours – it’s just us, a small husband and wife business, and in a way we are grateful that’s the case as we don’t have staff to worry about.  

However, COVID-19 hit before the beginning of our 2020 season after the long winter down-time without tours. 
All tours that were pre-booked for this year are now either cancelled or postponed. (We are particularly grateful to the people who postponed and rolled over their deposits to another as yet unspecified date up until the end of 2021!)

A way to help – purchase an e-Gift Certificate!

A way that you can really help is to purchase an e-Gift Certificate for ANY amount that will either pay for one or more tours or go towards any of our wine tours listed here. The Gift Certificates are valid for 2 years from the date of purchase for any available future date once Italy is ‘open for business’ again!  (Now that we are not with EZTix, the validity date is negotiable!)


Best laid plans n all that!

We had big plans for 2020 – it’s our 10th year of business and May was going to be a special month to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary AND Mark’s 60th birthday.  None of this will happen.  We will not be able to do any tours in May, the party we had planned for Mark’s birthday and to celebrate our wedding anniversary has been postponed to later in the year – no date agreed as yet! 


Wine Shipping Service.

We also had plans to ramp up the wine shipping service – this will recommence once we can (a) get out to the wineries to buy the wines for you (b) the courier service starts collecting again and most importantly (c) there are flights again!  So, that is something to look forward to!  Montefalco wines delivered directly to your door!
(We are now happy to say that we are most definitely open for this now – send us an email and I will get the wine shipping list to you.)


Special Offer on e-Gift Certificates.

To say thank you for buying e-Gift Certificates and helping us through these extraordinary times – The Classic Tour booked with your Gift Certificates will be €160 rather than €170 and the Sip of Umbria will be available all year around for Gift Certificate holders and will be €135 rather than €145 per person.  These prices will only be available via the e-Gift Certificates and will be valid for the entire 2 years from purchase. 

Thank you all, a big grateful thank you to those who have already bought certificates and we really hope you will consider purchasing one for your loved ones, for a Wedding gift, Special Birthday or Christmas gift for example!  Or let it be about pampering yourself and buy one just for you!  

Stay safe, stay well and we will see you ‘on the other side of this’!  

Ciao for now, Giselle & Mark

Our Wine Tours: https://gustowinetours.com/gusto-wine-tours-umbria/

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  1. Giselle and Mark!
    Our whole group has been so eager to hear how you are faring in Umbria? We cannot believe the change in all our lives since last August, and feel so fortunate that we were able to come and enjoy our vacation. We were all talking about it last night and saying how perfect our Gusto Wine Tour was in every single way. We are also wondering about another order of wine and olive oil, especially Valdangius. What should we be doing on that? When you have a chance to ship, let me know what we need to do to get our order in to you with one shipping as before. Also, would you ask Danilo about the wine cookie/biscuit recipe from his grandmother? I really want to try those if possible. Thank you, Giselle! Love to you and Mark and Happy Mothers Day!

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