Corona Virus: A way you can help us survive!

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We haven’t written much about the Corona virus situation here in Italy as there has already been an avalanche of information – some right, some most definitely wrong.
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On a personal note, we are fortunate that we live in the countryside.
The sun is shining, we can get out and make the most of the garden with our dogs and there’s always a bottle of Montefalco wine to enjoy! 

The Decree.

As of today, Tuesday 10th March, the whole of Italy is in the ‘red zone’ until at least 3rd April. It’s a drastic yet necessary measure and it’s by no means a perfect solution, especially as the trains and flights don’t seem to be much affected. But we are proud of the Italian government for taking such extraordinary steps to try and slow the march of this new corona virus.

We have been asked to remain as much as possible at home with minimal social contact. We can go shopping in the week, but only a handful of people are allowed into the shops at any one time. The shopping centres will be closed at the weekends. No festivals allowed, schools are closed, cinemas, gyms, pools, spas are closed. All the stores and bars have to close at 6 pm and when people are together, we are to stay at least a metre apart. No hand-shakes, no greeting kisses. As you can imagine in gregarious Italy, this is a tough call.

Our situation.

Understandably, we have had cancellations and we have been forced to cancel tours booked for this month. Because of the uncertainty of when corona virus will be a bad memory we have no new bookings for future months. This is the same for all of us in the tourist industry and we are together in this struggle. The outlook is still very uncertain.

This is to be expected, but we are hoping that as Italy and Umbria opens up again so we can welcome you all to our beautiful region once more.

We are keeping everything crossed that soon all will be back to normal and travel restrictions will have been lifted.

How you can help.

With this in mind, we would like to leave you with a link to our gift certificates. You can purchase these for any amount and they are valid for our tours for up to 2 years.  
If you can’t be with us in Umbria yet, you can really help us by buying a future tour for yourselves or as a gift for loved ones! 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 Gift Certificate link.

We truly appreciate your support in these extraordinary times.
Thank you so much,
Giselle & Mark

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