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Auction to raise funds for Earthquake affected friends in Le Marche.

This upcoming Auction is to raise enough money to pay for a temporary home for Mark and Sarah. Save the Date!  Sunday 19th March at 9 am Italy time!  Running for one full week and ending on Sunday 26th March at 11.30 pm Italy time    We have amazing donations for the auction… From original works of art to fantastic breaks in Italy and England!  There are tours, workshops, wine tastings, vintage items, designer goods, Umbrian wine and more, all ready for your bids!  We hope to raise as much as possible for Mark and Sarah so they can...

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Sorry! Website issues….

Just to let everyone know that we are having a few problems with uploading and publishing on the website. As soon as we have figured it out, we will be back up and running. Email and the blog are all running smoothly and we are ‘Open for business’!! I am rather too busy with enquiries to give the website my fullest attention, but I will do what I can as soon as possible! The missing text is below: Gusto Wine Tours WINE SHIPPING SERVICE. Do you love Umbrian wines? Do you wish you could find the wines you tried on...

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Tasting Sagrantino with Jody Ness of Wine Portfolio & Gusto Wine Tours

A couple of years ago, Jody tries Sagrantino for the first time at Cantina Tabarrini, Montefalco ….

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Looking back, to look forward …. Our Loves and Life in Umbria.

Another quick look at some of the lovely things that happened in 2013! Here’s to a stupendous 2014 for us all!

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The start of the adventures in Girly

WOW! We’ve had many an adventure since ….. This was one of our first tho!

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Umbria – Green Heart of Italy!

Always worth looking at pretty piccies of grapes!!

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Gusto’s take on – The Last Sunday of May – Cantine Aperte.

We originally thought when we first started Gusto Wine Tours that this would be the busiest day of the year – Cantine Aperte (Open Wineries).  We were also under the impression that only Umbria did this open day. We were wrong on both counts.  The world and his wife descend on the cantine on this day making it nigh on impossible to contemplate organising an intimate personal wine tour!  We now know, of course that this special day is for every region of Italy – a chance for the public to visit the cantine of their region, or even pop...

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New Website

Our new improved and updated website is almost ready to be launched ….. I hope you all like it!

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Still keeping the Montefalco flame alive!

Here we are in not so sunny Falmouth, Cornwall – actually, it’s chucking it down with rain and blowing a hooley, if truth be told. We’ve been here for the festive season … and somewhat beyond. Due to rather major car problems we are eeking out our Montefalco wine supplies to last us for the next couple of weeks until we can finally go home to Umbria and re-stock! I’m eying up a very, very special bottle of Colleallodole at this very moment – a stunning example of a Montefalco Sagrantino, an old vine variety from Antano. Gotta keep the...

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Up close n personal with the Vendemmia…

I couldn’t believe my eyes on the 1st September – there I was wasting time on the computer as usual and, of course, occasionally gazing out the window – I do have a rather spectacular view of Montefalco and the rows of vines at the back of the house – when suddenly there appeared a tractor with a big trailer and a few rustic guys n gals with old plastic buckets outside my window. They had a short laughter-filled meeting and then separated and scurried down the rows of grapevines armed with their buckets and with the tractor slowly making...

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