A walk in the vineyards of Terre Margaritelli to discover wild herbs and greens.


OH!  This is going to be GREAT!!

Join in the 'hunt' at Terre Margaritelli
Join in the ‘hunt’ at Terre Margaritelli

Sunday 14th April 2013 


  •  10:00 Arrival at Terre Margaritelli and a guided tour of the winery.
  •  11:00 Meeting with the “Erbaroli” (herb experts) to learn to recognize the herbs of     the field with a walk and collecting the herbs in the vineyard.
  •  12:00  Aperitif:  Tasting of our wines with meats and cheeses
  •  13: 00 Lunch (Grilled sausages & chops and the herbs we collected)

ONLY € 15.00 per person, to be paid upon arrival at Terre Margartelli.

Everyone will leave with a small souvenir of the day.

Please Note: The explanations will probably be in Italian, but there will be plenty of folk on hand to translate into English if necessary!

This event will take place if at least 20 participants sign up, and, of course, weather permitting!

For info and reservations:

075 7824 668

345 472 6424 Federico


Looking for herbs....
Looking for herbs….

We hope we will see you there, this is a great way to learn a disappearing art – how many times have you seen a person stuck in a ditch or at a field edge at a 45° angle searching?  Well, this will teach you what they are looking for!

 Then, a golden opportunity to try Terre Margaritelli’s wines, sit with friends eating what you have collected …. Altogether a GREAT experience in our opinion!

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