Monthly Archives: October 2013

Looking back, to look forward …. Our Loves and Life in Umbria.

Sometimes all it takes is to flick through past photographs to relive the loves, laughs, the memories, the friendships …… I took a peek at just the past few months. Here’s what I came up with …..   There were, of course, so many more photos I could have included, but perhaps there should be a part 2 instead!   Finally, if you have got this far – if you like our photos, please don’t steal them – if you ask me, I’ll in all likelihood say yes as long as you credit me for it!  😀  Contact us here...

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Life, Montefalco style …

Life is funny sometimes – the longer you stay in one place, the more you can take it for granted. Then something happens or you see something that brings you right back to why you chose to be in that particular place way back when! Simple pleasures, walking right near our house with the dogs.  Seeing their joy in running free and discovering new smells and trails, chasing each other, playing … I haven’t captured it on camera yet, but DJ’s greatest pleasure is running and jumping after any flying insect – from a scared little pup, recently thrown out...

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