Monthly Archives: June 2013

Another Typically Non-Typical Gusto Wine Tours Day!

We get enquiries sometimes that cause us to do a double-take! This year we had a request from a very nice man from the States asking if we could organise a special event for him & his fiancé while they were on a wine tour with us. He wanted to surprise her with a little chapel blessing in honour of their forthcoming wedding in a small, out the way place, preferably with a view…..  Could we rise to the occasion? At first we didn’t think it would be possible – this is Italy, after all, the home of the beloved...

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A Gusto Day … Typically Untypical!

We are asked all the time “What can we expect from a day out with Gusto?” We don’t like to give too much away as part of the pleasure, we have found, is in discovering those particular pleasures along the way! So, why don’t I tell you about a day that happened last year? The summer was a hot and long one – one to remember!  The sunflowers seemed to go on and on – my favourite flower!   We had requests from 3 different young couples coming from 3 different directions … so it was that we organised a...

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