Monthly Archives: October 2010

My favourite time of year….

When you’ve watched the vines bud, flourish, produce bunches of grapes, see the grapes being picked …. I wait with impatient anticipation for the autumn colours to unfold. …Especially the Sagrantino leaves.  When you look across the gently rolling hills with the rows and rows of vines, you can spot the Sagrantino instantly! Can you guess which patch is the Sagrantino?  Yep!  That’s it, that gorgeous russet red!  Beautiful, especially on a gift of a sunny day like today! Now isn’t it just the nicest thing that the Italians could do – just for me – Not only do they...

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Olio Nuovo

Yes, yes, yes, I know that it’s not WINE, but this region has the most SPECTACULAR olive oil, and this weekend (30,31 Oct, 1 Nov) the frantoii (Olive oil mills) are open to the public to show off their fabulous wares – usually coupled with hot bruschette grilled on a massive BBQ over charcoal with a few juicy sausages and, last year, I tried olive oil icecream – topped with some green olives, and believe me – it was delicious!! Can’t wait!

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