Monthly Archives: September 2010

(Umbrian)Wine, (Umbrian)Wine and more (Umbrian)Wine Please!

Whoever said that moving was one of the most stressful things you can do in your life was so right! Anyone else who has been through the same thing recently will forgive me instantly for not writing for months! Even writing this has taken something like 2 weeks because I’m trying to catch up with 101 other things now that we have internet in the house – finally! Ok, moan over – probably!  Lets talk about wine – I think we need to introduce everyone to the delights of Cantina Tabarrini – I’ve probably mentioned them before, but they are,...

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Up close n personal with the Vendemmia…

I couldn’t believe my eyes on the 1st September – there I was wasting time on the computer as usual and, of course, occasionally gazing out the window – I do have a rather spectacular view of Montefalco and the rows of vines at the back of the house – when suddenly there appeared a tractor with a big trailer and a few rustic guys n gals with old plastic buckets outside my window. They had a short laughter-filled meeting and then separated and scurried down the rows of grapevines armed with their buckets and with the tractor slowly making...

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