Monthly Archives: February 2010

Risotto Al Sagrantino for these cold days!

 I thought that as it’s so chilly at the moment I’d share a lovely warming Umbrian risotto recipe with you!  Risotto to my mind is the ultimate comfort food!  Not just for a pasta course, any-time, and if you have enough of it, the only course you need!  So ignore the snow on the ground and the frost on the windows and treat yourselves to this fabulous risotto…. Risotto al Sagrantino  450-500ml (16-18fl oz) chicken or vegetable stock, more if needed  85g (3 oz) butter 1 medium red onion , finely chopped 200g (7oz) round grain risotto rice , such...

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One of our Wine Tours……

I’d like to paint a picture, let the day wash all over you and make you feel like you were there with us!  Give you a taste of what we do!We picked our guests up one chilly misty November morning as the bells of Spello rang out 10am.  It was a nice coincidence that all our guests were in Spello, so no other pick-ups were needed!So we had Lyn, Bruce, Bill, Justice, Allan, Mike and Anna along for the day.  Bill came well prepared with several ‘dame’ (5 lt glass jars)  just in case we hit a cantina that did...

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